Press Relations

A press relations consultant specialized in consulting, applying, contact with the press, analysis and press benchmarking

Conseil et mise en place d'une stratégie d'information

Constitution de fichiers presse et analyse de la presse

Public Relations

A public relations consultant specialized in recomandation, application and the complete assuming of public relations programs in tight relation with the marketing and communication departments of companies

Sponsoring, suivi des contacts et analyse des retombées

Media Training

A press training consultant in order to learn how to communicate with the media.

Apprendre comment fonctionne les medias et améliorer sa communication

Formation de votre équipe au dialogue avec les medias

Some of our clients
The Agency
A consultant in communication is an extension of your company, no matter its size.

Defining a communication strategy in tight relation with your marketing or comercial strategy is a profesional job that requires experience..

Creating, Thinking, Advising and working in constant relation with the different managers of a company, it is the service that we know and offer.