Press Relations

A press relations consultant specialized in consulting, applying, contact with the press, analysis and press benchmarking


Setting up a Communication Strategy Articulating core communication channels Practicing communication competitive analysis Assessing and Bringing up a company's strong points Setting up a differentiation strategy


Media targeting | Production of Press Releases
Contacts Follow-up | Analysis of repercussions
Organization of interviews | Loan of products, follow-up and management of those loaned products
Day to day management of press relations.

Press contact

Press and consultant database development and maintenance, according to the selected strategies.

Television News | Business Presse | National Press
General Press | Business to business publications | On line Medias

Media Tracking and Analysis

Press review about a company | General Press reviews (French, English, German) | Technological watch and competitive analysis

Public Relations

A public relations consultant specialized in recomandation, application and the complete assuming of public relations programs in tight relation with the marketing and communication departments of companies

Advising, implementing and completely undertaking PR programs in close connection with company's marketing and communication departments

* Events Organization and Follow-up
* Research of Meetings, Forums, round table conferences for a company
* Events sponsoring
* Public contact follow up
* Analysis of repercussions

Media Training

A press training consultant in order to learn how to communicate with the media.

* Press Relations Training of employees
* How to deal with the Media
* Speech skills training
* Experience of interviews in real life situation